Company Background

Emal Trading and Logistics Private Limited Company is a privately owned multi sector oriented company in Ethiopia. Our company was established in 2013 to provide import, export, freight forwarding, transportation, customs & port clearance, project cargo logistics, warehousing, loading and unloading services to local and international customers and itself too. We have a seasoned experience especially in project cargo logistics services in Ethiopia; we pride ourselves that we are among the leading private competitors in Ethiopia in project cargo handling services.



  • To give best transit, clearing and forwarding service
  • To support our customers pay necessary legal payments to the government as per the prevailing law and regulation
  • To support our customers get their goods at their final destination in an optimum possible short time.
  • To help the government of Ethiopia get its tax and other revenue from the clearing, transit and forwarding, import and export business as per the prevailing laws and regulations.
  • To have best organizational efficiency and effectiveness in all activities.
  • To improve performance and create more job opportunities to the people.

Company Guiding Principles

  • Our Customers: Our customers are the reasons for our existence, so we are committed to provide a quality, efficient, effective and on time services at a fair and competitive price. To accomplish this we professionally analyze the changes in the macro level the legal, regulation and market situation regularly. We are also dedicated to satisfy our customers’ needs in this regard.
  • Our Employees: We have recognized that our employees are our most important asset. We will honor our obligation to provide a safe and healthy work environment in which our employees can exercise their full potentials.


EMAL Trading & Logistics - THE RIGHT CHOICE



Our vision is to be among the leading world class logistics company in Ethiopia.



Emal Trading and logistics PLC provides its valued customers with superior level of service in freight forwarding, port clearance, customs clearance, transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading services through our own local offices as well as our global network of partners.



  • People: Customers want complete solutions, not just invisible promises. Our company places value on customer relationships and is built on direct and continuous relationships. We are committed to delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. Connecting with our clients has powered us toward growth and improvement.
  • Excellence: A company cannot succeed without fulfilling the demand of its customers. We receive no satisfaction for a service you are not delighted with. We are fueled with the desire to bring the highest quality services on the market to customers and are committed to bringing the highest favorable outcome to our customers.
  • Innovation: Our competitive landscape is changing. With technology, communication, social media expanding and converging, we make sure to use these changes to create more value to our customers. We anticipate market needs and steer our company toward long-term success.
  • Integrity: We are guided by fairness and respect in every aspect of our business. We respect customers, employees, and our partnered carriers. We are fully bonded, licensed and carry contingency cargo insurance for added protection. Through tight corporate standards, Emal conducts our business affairs honestly, fairly, impartially and in an ethical manner at all times.
  • Safe Operations: Realizing our responsibility to protect the environment as well as the health and safety of our employees, clients, subcontractors and the general public, we endeavor to eliminate all accidents, losses and incidents related to our logistics practices.
  • Corporate Quality: Committed to corporate quality management, Emal continuously improves our services in order to meet, anticipate and exceed our clients’ requirements.
  • Sustainability: Emal strives to assure that our activities will fulfill the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.
  • Compliance: We are committed to conducting our daily operations in accordance with the national and international import and export control laws and regulations of the Ethiopia and other countries.


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